Available Horses
Pregnant Mare Rescue available horses
    Jenny -- An adorable 2-
    yr old filly. 13.3HH and
    700lbs. Breed
    unknown. She just
    recently learned to
    halter, pick up her feet
    and ground manners,
    giving to pressure etc.
    Owner relinquished due
    to declining health
    issues. Jenny needs an
    experienced horse
    owner or agree to work
    with a trainer.
    Adoption Fee $500
    La Bella Vita -- Adopted  now a 3
    year old stunning filly. 15.2HH
    700lbs. She was born here at PMR
    in April of 2010. She and her dam
    were adopted into a loving home
    for about a year , but then they
    both had to come back. Bella is
    now available for adoption. She is
    all thoroughbred, Her Dam is Ballet
    Lesson. She halters , stands leads,
    ties, picks up her feet, loads, hauls,
    is current on all her vaccinations
    and worming. Not yet under saddle.
    She is a lovely filly, ready for her
    own human and a job! Experienced
    horse partner or agree to work with
    a trainer. Adoption Fee $500
horse; She is very out going.
Loves people and stimulation.
Compact, sporty, short backed ...
She’s a little race car! Rumor
speculated that Gigi’s owner was
off for some down time behind
bars...Jazmine has other plans in
mind. She is ready to take on the
world. Love her energy and
enthusiasm. Stands 14.2HH and
900lb. Chestnut mare. Breed
unknown. Intermediate Horse
Partner. She has been under
saddle.  Adoption Fee $500
Treasure -- 26 yr old Jockey Club
Registered TB Mare. She is blind
in 1 eye and having a very
difficult time putting on weight.
She is very sweet. Adoption Fee
Executive Tess -- Adopted Lived at the
Pleasanton Fair grounds  She is a
gorgeous, sweet natured, chestnut, TB
mare and Jockey club registered.
15.2HH and 1100lbs. She enjoyed
many wins in her racing career and
then became a loving broodmare. She
is now 24 and needs a forever loving
place to call home. She has earned it!  

She is good natured and sweet. I'm not
certain if she's been ridden (pleasure
riding that is -- she's been ridden plenty
of times!!!)

PS: you might let any interested folks
know that she has a PILE of win photos
we are happy to send with her if they
want. Bragging rights, no? :)
Adoption Fee $500
HH and 970lbs. Kizmet is what's called a
replacement mare in the PMU industry. She
is now haltered and working on picking up all
four feet along with ground manners. She is
a calm, solid horse and would love to work
cattle and/or would make a good trail horse.
Not yet under saddle.
    Adoption fee $500